Yoga is useful, but requires caution: the Irishman broke his leg in a difficult “asana”

Yoga exercises with a reasonable approach to their implementation greatly benefit physical and mental health: there are sets of exercises designed even for pregnant women. But sometimes intricate postures lead to “mutilation”…
Irish doctors were so amazed cause a severe fracture of the femur in his compatriot that felt the need to share information about a unique case with colleagues. The article is about 39-year-old Irishman who broke his leg trying to take one of the most difficult yoga asanas, published in the latest issue of the medical publication the British Medical Journal.

Clinic St James’s in Dublin (St James’s Hospital, Dublin) did the patient, whose doctors discovered a fracture of the femur with displacement.

This bone is one of the most massive and sturdy in body, as it must withstand the weight of the body, such as when running or jumping, when it accounts for the full load.

Therefore, the fractures of the femur often occur in severe car accidents.

But 39-year-old resident of Dublin, broke a bone in a room of his own house, when I was trying to achieve “enlightenment” through yoga.

The man wanted to adopt a pose called Marichyasana V. It supposedly improves digestion and blood circulation and helps to cleanse the intestines.

However, when he tried to expand the foot of the left leg up and placed it in the right inguinal crease, the unexpected happened…
There was a dull crack and he felt a strong pain in his leg – bone was broken.

The doctors bonded broken bone unusual patient with titanium plates, which will remove only a year in the new operation.