Yoga for cancer: the doctors of India are ready to publish a sensational report

In India besides the regular Ministry of health 2 years of full functioning, and the Ministry of alternative medicine. The other day his head made a sensational statement: soon to be published recommendations for the treatment of cancer through yoga.

In the fall of 2014, less than six months after taking office, the Prime Minister of India (India) Narendra modi (Narendra Modi) has initiated the organization of parallel of the Ministry of health.

This was dramatically elevated, and significantly increased the staff and funding of the Department of ordinary, Ministry of health, who studied the secrets of the ancient Indian system of healing Ayurveda and the system of self-knowledge and self-development known as yoga.

The staff of the new Ministry took up the matter with enthusiasm and already have the first serious results of the new establishment.

As recently said Sripad Naik (Shripad Naik), head of the alternative ministries, a group of scientists from Bengaluru (Bangalore) found that yoga classes can be use not only in prevention of malignant tumors, but also for their treatment.

According to the Minister, this useful property does not have all the asanas (postures) of yoga, but only some.

Sripad Naik also said that the results of the study submitted to the Ministry for approval and during the year will be issued official recommendations for the use of yoga in Oncology.

However, leading Indian scientists, representatives of scientific medicine warn against use of yoga to treat cancer, as scientists from Bangalore have conducted only an observational study, not clinical, which would be used in the experimental and control groups, a placebo in the form of regular exercise really and the like.