Yoga cures for depression and nervous diseases

Known since the time of Ancient India yoga is a combination of spiritual and physical practices, there are exercise systems that are designed to enhance all the manifestations of man. For a long time it was believed that meditation yoga sessions a kind of self-hypnosis, however, researchers have discovered that such exercises of “mind and soul” affect the complex processes occurring in the human body – in particular changes even biochemistry of the brain. In the brain significantly increasing the number of special substance which has the property to reduce anxiety, improve mood and maintain it.

Specialists from the medical center at Boston University (Boston University School of Medicine), studying the processes occurring in organisms of the yogis in the performance of special exercises aimed at spiritual and physical perfection, in particular the practice of meditation, found that such classes lead to an increase in the brain concentrations of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This acid is a powerful neurotransmitter – it improves the passage of nerve signals and has a General positive effect on the entire nervous system.

In addition, the detection of significant quantities of GABA in the body of yoga can be attributed in part to their remarkable thinness: gamma aminobutyric acid is a very powerful fat burner (of course, we cannot ignore the tendency for yogis to refrain from eating, especially during long meditations.

“The results of our study not only shed light on the complex biochemical processes occurring in the brains of yogis, but also give hope for the development of new treatments for depression without using medication,” explains Professor Kim Jobst (Kim A. Jobst), co-author of the study.