Yoga age is not a hindrance: in new York the mysteries of prana teaches a 93 year old woman

A sweet and fragile woman living in one of the many suburbs of new York in appearance it is hardly possible to give 70 years. However, representatives of the Guinness Book of records, carefully check the names of their winners: the yoga instructor is 93.
This year in the next edition of the Guinness Book of records will have a new name – Tao Porchon-Lynch (Tao Porchon-Lynch) is recognized as the oldest yoga teacher on the planet. Friendly smiling woman will soon turn 94 years.

“I’m going to teach yoga until his last breath, and then I just transported to another planet. Teaching yoga lights my way” – recognized in the love of his life Tao, which is dedicated to the mysteries of the ancient Indian teachings on the knowledge of the harmony of the world all wishing for the past 61 years.

Tao became interested in yoga at the age of 8 years. Once he saw how the older boys were doing the exercises of yoga on the beach in her hometown of Pondicherry (Pondicherry) in South India, where she then lived, Tao decided to challenge the boys in the art to control your body and spirit.
So the teaching of the ancient system of views on the structure of the world and man became a profession Tao.

Tao Porchon-Lynch is confident that yoga in some way saved her life – several years ago she suffered a fracture of the hip (“hip”) in which surgeons replaced a diseased joint with an artificial one. And back to the woman after such an operation to a normal life helped her to yoga, which gave her strength and optimism.

The doctor who treated the woman after seeing her photo in the most difficult postures of yoga just a few months later after a serious operation, was impressed and called Tao is an amazing woman.

But the doctor did not know that in addition to yoga, Wu Tao has another passion – ballroom dancing.

This summer he will travel to the competition in Puerto Rico, where to dance tango with a partner who younger than her 69 years…