Yoga after cancer…

Patients who were able to cope with such disease as breast cancer, to get with the physical and spiritual condition will help yoga. Doctors have developed a special yoga course with exercises which have a positive effect on a woman’s body.

Moreover, these physical activity not only affect the appearance of women, but also strengthen the immune system of the fairer sex so that their body begins to be blocking protein ŃF-kV, which promotes the “wear and tear” of the body.

To confirm this theory, scientists conducted an experiment which involved 10 cured from cancer women. All program participants were 60 years of age and received chemotherapy during treatment of cancer. The experiment lasted 8 weeks (during which women practiced yoga) and 9 weeks when they did not exercise this type.

As a result, scientists were able to confirm that the participants were able to significantly strengthen your immune system for 8 weeks, after which came a marked decline in their health.