Why back pain: 5 errors during training

Sometimes back starts to hurt because of the mistakes that we commit during training. Driven 5 of them that spoil us posture and cause back pain.

You are doing exercises on the breeding of hands. Reverse breeding help to strengthen the muscles that trap the shoulders back, which is necessary for those who slouches. However, people rarely make them! Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees over the ankles, slightly bent. Stretch your arms forward, hands together. Then take straight arms back as far as possible, opening the chest. Hold 5-10 seconds. You should feel a muscle contraction between the shoulder blades. Repeat stolo times as you like (several times a day, if your posture is quite bad).

You are doing exercises that contribute to the rounding of the back and stooping. And they exacerbate problems with posture. Hardly anyone of us have more round the back. Mostly this applies to those who are engaged in the gym in the gym. Of course, in any fitness center full of equipment for the swing press, which attract many people. However, many of these exercises are performed with a rounded back.

You don’t pull a hamstring. Tight hamstrings pull the pelvis back, which strains the lower back, which in turn affects the position of the entire spine. If you decide to do your popliteal sinews, please do not try to reach the fingers stop back to kruglitsa,but we do not need. Put hands on wall and lean forward. Withimages from the pelvis, back straight.

You don’t stretch the hip flexors. Tight muscles-the hip flexors pull the pelvis forward — and, as in the previous paragraph, lower back strain, which in turn affects the position of the entire spine. With this problem work great attacks. If it is difficult to do them, you can execute them, leaning on the wall.

You are not doing exercises for spine traction. Pulling back can be in many different positions. Plank — leaning on hands or forearms — sample exercise, which is stretching combined with strength training.