Useful experience for parliamentarians: yoga instead of fight

As you know, the work of a member of Parliament – employment is troublesome, associated with stress: not sparing the stomach, to defend the “people’s representatives” of the interests of their constituents, regardless of what country is this crucial component of legislative power. Realizing how large the load on each MP, the government creates the opportunity for full recovery of workers the voting buttons. So, on the remote island of Sri Lanka in the building of the Parliament opened the room of psychological relief, where local deputies under the guidance of experienced instructors will be able to relieve stress through exercise yoga.

In the building of the Parliament of the island nation of Sri Lanka, located off the East coast of the Indian Peninsula and famous people of the older generation as Ceylon, the technical staff gives all MPs a colorful booklet with the inscription on the first page of “Yoga for MPs – for mind, body and soul.”

Thus members of Parliament are informed that, from January, any of them from the building, which are the laws of the state, will be able to relieve stress by visiting a special room or should I say mini-gyms where you can exercise on the system of yoga.

“Breathing exercises and postures will improve the discipline of our members, will correct their behavior and teach self-control and self-control even in the most stressful situations,” says innovation instructor of the ancient Indian art of yoga Chamina Warnakula (Chamin Warnakula).

It is planned that every morning before the start of the session the deputies will come in mini-gyms to devote 30 minutes of relaxation and breathing exercises.

To introduce yoga to strengthen the body and spirit of Sri Lankan parliamentarians came up with their colleague, also a Deputy, a local celebrity and movie star Fonseca Malani (Malani Fonseka).

The majority of members of Parliament, including opposition members, has already declared that regularly attend yoga classes.