The main symptoms of impotence

What signs indicate that it’s time to worry about your mens worth? It is necessary to highlight age-related impotence, which is different from sexual problems at a young age. Cure it with the help of viagra. The signs by which to diagnose erectile dysfunction:

  • the lack of an erection in presence of sexual desire;
  • failure to maintain the penis in erection to achieve ejaculation;
  • weak erection — penis increases, but does not become firm enough for sex;
  • premature ejaculation (only in men with sufficient sexual experience);
  • the reduction or absence of libido;
  • the absence of uncontrolled nocturnal or morning erections.
  • These signs are in conjunction or separately to talk about problems with masculine health. But there are exceptions, and very common. The above features should not inspire fear in such situations:

Excessive sexual activity leads to loss of physical sensitivity and emotional satiety.

Irregular sex life only intermittently becomes a reason for rapid ejaculation.
Age-related changes lead to a gradual extinction as desires and opportunities.
About impotence can say that if the symptoms repeatedly recur or persist for a long time.

To choose the right and effective treatment, you need to determine exactly the causes of erectile dysfunction. Doctors divide them into the following groups:

  • functional changes in the Central nervous system;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • organic changes in the nervous system;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • mechanical.

If we consider these reasons in more detail, the highlights are the factors causing the weakening or disturbance of the sexual functions:

  • problems with blood vessels;
  • physical stress;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • excessive fullness or thinness;
  • serious liver disease;
  • psychological discomfort;
  • hypertension and disease of the heart;
  • bad habits and poisoning;
  • disorders in the endocrine system;
  • neurological problems;
  • side effects from medication;
  • injury or illness of external and internal genital organs.

The most common causes of male impotence at a young age lie in the psychological area. Even in a completely healthy person may have problems with erections and testosterone production due to stress, anxiety and strong emotional tension. It is believed that this type of sexual disorder is easy to get rid of forever. With proper rest and right mental attitude will help to prevent failures in sex.

Hormonal and neurological causes are much more difficult to eliminate. In this case you will need professional help.