Six-year-old Indian girl has become a yoga guru in one of the monasteries

In one of the ashrams of India, monasteries and convents, where those wishing to partake of the centuries-old wisdom of yoga, exploring its philosophy and technique of special exercises of the asanas, the quality of the teacher – instructor is a six year old girl. She succeeded in mastering the art of yoga that at the age of 4 years old began to teach the wisdoms of the ancient teachings of others. Her mentors, the elderly, the experts of yoga say that the girl has a special talent and extraordinary talent not only to master difficult asanas, but learning the intricacies of yoga to other people.

Siroti Pandi (Shruti Pandey) in just 6 years, but a third of your child’s life, she teaches the intricacies of yoga people who fit her not only in fathers but also in great-grandfathers among her students is former school teacher, who is 90 years old.

The girl became a mentor on yoga even at the age of four. She teaches 30 pupils; classes in the Ashram, that is, in the monastery of the Brahmanand Saraswati Dham near the town of Jonsi (Jhunsi) start earlier at 05:30 am.

Siroti have 30 students of various ages, from high school students to referred to 90-year-old man Swami Bhanu (Bhanu Swami), a former school teacher.

Mentor girls Hari Chetan (Chetan Hari) devoted to yoga 35 years of his life, but he never ceases to wonder how a child has mastered their body in just the first six months of employment.

“Siroti absolutely not the same as most children of her age: he has amazing patience and perseverance because of these qualities requires the mastery of asanas,” says wise old guru Hari Chetan. He notes that the girl not only amazing physical abilities and will power but also the desire to transfer knowledge and skills to others.

Big brother girls Harsh Kumar (Harsh Kumar), who is now 11 years old, was also extremely talented: by age 5, he mastered all the 84 asanas – postures of yoga.

“But he never had the slightest desire to teach others,” laments the guru.