Life in the modern world: 3 meditation techniques to calm the mind

Sometimes we are so much worried that see no way out of their thoughts. Here are some meditation techniques that can help when it seems that all is not right:

Our mind has a tendency to be due to heredity, culture, health and nature. So are formed the patterns of thinking that may not be very useful.

Mantras help to change our vibration first, on a subtle level – and with constant repetition, these changes will be reflected in how we speak and act.

Powerful and simple mantra “so ‘ ham”. The ancient sages (Rishis) realized that our breath makes the sound “so” on inhale and “ham” on the exhale.

They also say that all living entities in sync with this rhythm. So if we connect our breath with “ham”, we attune with nature, which can further harmonize our own rhythm.

The mantra translates as “I am That” – which means that I am part of the Divine or that the Divine lives in me. It helps us connect with the Divine within themselves and not with the noise of the mind.

How to do

On the inhale silently to myself repeat the syllable “So”. On the exhale repeat to yourself “ham”. Continue in the same spirit. When the mind wanders, return it to the mantra to the breath. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this mantra — it is very powerful (and safe).

Prana Shuddha

Practice visualization, which helps when the mind is trying to balance a million things to do but you know that he needs to rest. In principle, this Alternating breathing without the use of hands. Focusing the mind in the direction of breathing and trying to regulate it, you are distracted from everything else.

How to do

Sit with a straight back and begin to relax the breath. Palms on his knees. Imagine that you inhale only through the left nostril, and exhale through the right. Then inhale through right and exhale through the left. Allow the breath to further relax. Make 4 full cycle (from left to right and right to left — a single cycle).

Then mentally do inhale through the left nostril to the eyebrows, exhaled from the point between the eyebrows through the right. Do a few cycles and then give attention to the eyebrows, watching as the mind calms down.

Welcome all

A very powerful tantric and Buddhist technique that is especially good to do when you hold onto something, afraid to let go. When anything, we resist, we strengthen what you don’t want. Taking what we don’t like, we obtrusive him and his power over us is weakened.

How to do

Sit down, allow the breath to calm down and just watch. If your body is uncomfortable (but not painful), let to show this discomfort. If you’re in pain, change the position of the body.

If you are afraid of something to think about, let these thoughts manifest — imagine that they sit next to you. Greet them all. Say “Hello” all that appears — the noise outside the window, his fears regarding the operation, irritation of the head, etc.

Continue to welcome all, without judging, accepting. Watch as irritation or discomfort begins to change — a process that often causes an interesting discovery.