Scientists in Australia are working on a condom that will become the favorite means of contraception in men, according to the website kamagra oral jelly. New products are made of the dense hydrogel, which is able to enhance your erection and pleasure from intercourse.

The author of the research and development biomedical engineer Robert Gorkin. He and his group work within the programme on creation of new generation contraceptives, which is sponsored by the gates.

Scientists are confident that these condoms will never remain without attention of men. The main problem of barrier contraception is that sexual pleasure of men is reduced. Latex condoms, even the thin, always for men is worse than unprotected intercourse. Because men often make the choice not to use a condom, knowing that you will get more pleasure from sex without it.

Robert Gorkin argues that the development of his group will be in demand, because the texture and properties of a new generation of condoms will encourage men of feeling during sex. So if you want you can get a dose of viagra during sexual intercourse through the skin of the penis from the condom. The excitation can also be enhanced by microcurrent effects are also using a condom. Touch a condom will be indistinguishable from the skin, and sensations with it, the man will get stronger than without it..

Thus, condoms made from hydrogel will be a desired attribute of sex for any man, and problems with STDs and unwanted pregnancy will be much less.

Close monitoring of the work and research of its effectiveness scientists have also connected IT professionals.