American soldiers fatties will become yogis

Steady increase in the number of American children are overweight worry not only doctors – anxiety beat higher ranks of the US army, who see many young fat people a threat to national security. Although the United States has no mandatory military service – the army was contractual, however, the special commissions is becoming increasingly difficult to really pick the best of the best – and physically, and in intellect among those wishing to enter military service. If the selection of the most smart problems, usually not, on the physical parameters of the American recruits are getting fatter and weaker. Popular fitness trainer offers to enter in the army… exercises on the system of yoga. In his opinion, such exercises quickly and effectively help to lose weight fat men in uniform.

The higher ranks of the US army is very concerned about the increasing number of boys are overweight. Obesity, which has become in recent years among American teenagers the character of this epidemic is a threat to U.S. national security – both in the military articulate the problem the owners of the big stars on the epaulets.

Recently, two former commanders of the army of the United States published in the Washington Post article, which argued that obesity is the main medical reason that draft committees are “cull” those wishing to serve in the army, the Navy and military aviation.

“The main yogas” of the United States, a very famous and popular fitness trainer 52-year-old Tony Horton (Tony Horton) said that the country’s armed forces to help, if introduced into the army system training on the system of yoga. Horton, who worked with such celebrities as actor Sean Connery (the best James bond) and singer Bruce Springsteen, has experience in training special military units, but his appeal to the army introduction to meditation in the postures of the “Lotus” or the “fish” was a little surprising.

“I understand that my idea seems not quite compatible with the principles of military training. But the days of push-UPS, exercises on the bar and marches has already passed,” said Horton on the spectacular background 200 of their students performing various exercises on the system of yoga.

“Our soldiers are too fat for the successful conduct of combat actions,” he added. According to Horton, for the period from 2003 to the present day the number of military personnel are overweight in the US army doubled.