Active or passive bodily practices – what is right for you?

In our modern world it has become difficult to navigate among a variety of psychological, energetic and physical techniques. They are becoming more and what to choose for themselves, to answer this question all the more difficult. In this article I will try to give you a simple technique that will help you to narrow your search. I developed it for convenience in my own practice, based on rezultatov work with their clients. And I want to share with you.

To locate an appropriate article talk about body and mind. Rarely do you find a balance between the body and managing these sometimes contradictory spheres of man.

The body is the world of the unconscious, the nature of the body – inertia, lavinoopasnost. Body as a donor, takes over our restrained once or denied feelings, shaping them in body stiffness.

The world of consciousness is a fast and flexible mechanism, which processes all the information coming from the outside.

If this mechanism fails, no time due to various circumstances, to integrate, to process information flow – stress occurs. Some or all of the information is displaced into the unconscious, and part of the raw information comes into the body, thus forming the muscular blocks.

The rich Arsenal of bodily practices provides opportunities to make a connection between the body and the mind more balanced.

Go ahead.

In the paradigm of the ancient Chinese symbol of harmony Yin Yang body is Yin, then there is a slow, earthly, unconscious, inert, tending to the relaxation. Consciousness is Yang, fast, controlling, analyzing, watchful and bright.

Note that.

Now we need to graph. From point 0, indicating a complete relaxation of body and mind, on the vertical axes reflect the strengthening of mental processes from 0 to 10, and the horizontal – increasing bodily stress from 0 to 10.

Back to the Chinese sign of Yin-Yang and correlate it with our schedule. To do this, connect the maximum values on the axes of abscissa and ordinate point of stanisici 10:0 and the control point 0:10. The line shows the border areas of Yin and Yang. Lying rectangle will Express a lot of “Yin” state and contain, in its deepest area point sleep was 0:0, the point of total relaxation of body and lack of consciousness. Standing rectangle – a lot of “Yang” state, including the point of physical and mental hypertonicity with higher coordinate 10:10. The point of balance will be in the middle of the graph – 5:5.

Techniques and body-oriented exercises also can be divided into Yin and Yang.

In General, Yang techniques most include yoga, holotropic breathing, sports, tantric practices, extatic dance, contact and non-contact improvisation and other dance practice, the school of Lubkov and everything to do with the activity of your body.

Yin body-oriented direction is, first and foremost, tanatoterapiya V. Baskakov, the elements of of osteopathy, techniques of Vipassana, Savasana in yoga, the practice of dreaming and all the techniques of slowing down bodily processes.

Answering the question, what exercises to use personally, in Your case, use the graph. For this we need to diagnose on a ten point scale the current state of your body and mind. Using these values as the abscissa and the ordinate, find your state on the chart.

If your point was on the Yang side of the graph, hence, it is necessary to deal now with Yang, that is active exercises and techniques. Your body will perceive them more adequately. It should be borne in mind the point of harmony and strive for it, and it means that in order to balance your energy Biosystems after an intense workout, you should spend a little relaxing unit. For example, as in yoga after one and a half to two hours of exercise performed 10-15 minutes of asana Savasana – the pose of the dead.

If your point was in the field inscom Vice versa – first do Yin techniques, such as tanatoterapiya V. Baskakova or deeply relaxing static techniques. And after an hour or two after class go for light power loads such as running or jumping, thereby also harmonizing your bio-energetic field.

If the point of your original state occurs at the boundary of the fields, see that will bring you to the point of harmony.


I defined my current status as of 4:6, on the chart, my point falls exactly on the border of the Yin and Yang field (see) Visually, we immediately see that at the moment, I need to find exercises that will help me some to reduce brain activity, thus gently stimulating the activity bodily. With this task perfectly cope massage techniques, physical therapy or light bioenergetic exercises.

For the symmetric case when it is required to lower bodily stress and increase the activity of consciousness, it is necessary to use appropriate techniques such as, for example, the combination of floating listening to Baroque music.


After class, I recommend you again to determine your current condition and to check the schedule to see if it has changed to a more harmonious.

We advise you in the week to celebrate their psychophysiological state with the help of graphics. After some time you will have stats for your state. So you can better understand your body and mind. You live in one stable state of consciousness or is it you “swims,” are you abiding in different activities of the body is stable or constant. You will notice what related factors contribute to this.


With the help of the scheme you will be able to see your status relative to the point of harmony and to determine the direction in which you should move. And detect possible deviations or fluctuations of their States, their regularity or spontaneity, and they start to regulate and balance, choosing the appropriate bodily practices.