5 yoga poses for 5 difficult situations

Yoga can help to inspire, to relax and reboot our mind — making it great for those times and situations when you feel that you have lost balance in your life.

Situation 1: when you have stress

Under stress we delay the muscle tension. Over time this creates an unhealthy vicious circle — tense muscles then bad for our health. This, in turn, creates even more stress. Therefore it is important to relax muscles. Often we hold tension in the pelvis, neck, and shoulder blades. These 5 postures help to stretch and relax these muscles:

  • Downward dog on one leg
  • Pose Ragdoll
  • Supta Baddha Of Konasana
  • The Pose Of The Eagle
  • The Pigeon

Situation 2: when you need energy

Students and office workers have the habit of sitting with bad posture. Studies have shown that this is directly related to the low level of energy. To fix this, try postures, opening the heart (including deflections) – they awaken the body and give him a burst of energy. These poses is difficult, so make them carefully. Begin and end with child’s Pose to tune into practice and to ground.

  • Child’s Pose
  • The Pose Of The Triangle
  • The Lotus Position
  • Bridge Pose
  • Pose Of A Camel

Situation 3: when the desired confidence

In this case, it is best to work the power of asanas – they require strength, concentration and balance. Performing them, we feel powerful and confident:

  • High Lunge
  • The tree pose, or standing Balances
  • The Pose Of The Dancer
  • Wild Thing
  • Headstand

Situation 4: when alarming

The movement, coupled with breathing, calms the body and mind. Well for this purpose you can use:

  • Savasana (at the end)
  • The happy baby pose (Ananda of Balasana)
  • Warrior Pose
  • Plow / shoulderstand
  • The Pose Of The Crescent Moon

Situation 5: when you need inspiration

The following 5 positions can make your day more inspiring:

  • Pose eight points of the
  • Wild Thing
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Baddha of Konasana (variation)
  • The Position Of The Compass